English Textbook Evaluation for 7th Grade of Junior High School: Brian Tomlinson’s Perspective


Athia Fidian
Fadillah Sandy


The importance of English in everyday life and the future opportunities, has made English as a central subject in junior and senior high schools. The government develops English competency standards as outlined in the curriculum as a standard for the English learning process. The needs of students as the main reference in making the curriculum so that educational goals can be achieved.
Through PP 32/2013, the 2013 curriculum is a curriculum implemented with the aim of building the students as productive, creative and innovative generations and contributing to social life both in Indonesia and the world. The 2013 curriculum is also a curriculum developed in response to increasing the competence of students who are able to compete both in Indonesia and abroad.
This monograph presents an evaluation related to the presentation of the 2013 curriculum-based textbook, both visually and in content. The evaluation was carried out based on 14 criteria according to Tomlinson which was carried out on 4 books; 'When English Rings the Bells', 'Let's Speak English', 'Headline English', and 'Interactive English'.
We are aware that this Book still has many deficiencies in its substance and presentation. For that, we look forward to suggestions from the readers.


February 27, 2024

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